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    108 Solar Salutations: That means, Directions & Suggestions

    You have most likely skilled Solar Salutations (Surya Namaskar) if you happen to participated in a vinyasa yoga (flow).

    Solar salutations assist set up a connection between thoughts and physique by way of the usage of repetitive actions and respiration.

    If you wish to improve your Solar Salutation expertise, take part in 108 (sure, 108!) Solar Salutations for an unforgettable expertise.

    “Solar salutations heat your physique and focus your thoughts,” says Anne SwansonMS, E-RYT 500, licensed yoga therapist and writer of yoga science.

    Yoga college students of all ranges can incorporate the 108 Solar Salutations sequence into their follow.

    Find out how to Do 108 Solar Salutations

    You must stroll earlier than you may run, and likewise, you need to do a solar salutation earlier than you are able to do 108.

    Different types of yoga do solar salutations in a different way, so study the essential solar salutations first. In case you are new to yoga, use this follow as a aim to check your energy and endurance.

    Begin with these yoga videos for beginners.

    The 108 conventional yoga solar salutations include 108 solar salutations A which comprise the next postures:

    Suggestions for Mastering 108 Solar Salutations

    So, you’ve got determined to attempt 108 Solar Salutations. Learn the next tricks to learn the way to adapt this sequence to your wants.

    1. Plan to include variations

    child pose |  108 sun salutations

    108 of something is quite a bit, so add selection to your solar salutations with the next recommendations.

    I recommend you write them down forward of time so that you’re prepared to combine issues up when the time comes.

    1. Do Kid’s Pose as an alternative of Downward Dealing with Canine
    2. Add a twist in your ahead pleats.
    3. Take into account swapping cow/cat for chaturanga.
    4. As an alternative of an upward-facing canine, decrease your knees or do a child cobra pose.
    5. Strike a pet pose as an alternative of a downward dealing with canine.

    2. Take it simple

    Slowly and steadily wins the race – and that additionally applies to yoga. Doing 108 Solar Salutations takes time, so permit at the least 90 minutes for the category.

    Working by way of the classroom may put you susceptible to harm and shift your focus from the current second to the “end line”.

    Whereas a marathon is all about velocity, working towards 108 solar salutations shouldn’t be.

    3. Prepare for it

    I recommend that even if you’re a seasoned yogi, you may need to practice your physique to deal with 108 solar salutations.

    Begin with a solar salutation, then add one every time you follow.

    When you already incorporate a number of Solar Salutations into your common follow, maintain growing the quantity to check your consolation degree.

    4. Modify if mandatory

    yoga lunge pose with blocks |  108 sun salutations

    Both manner, 108 Solar Salutations is loads of repetitive motions, so take heed to your physique and make adjustments as wanted.

    “Go at your individual tempo together with your breath,” says Swanson, who suggests utilizing props, together with a chair or the wall.

    If conventional yoga is now not doable for you, she says, “you may even do Solar Salutations whereas seated in a chair, mimicking the identical actions as the ground model.”

    5. Hold observe

    Whereas the timing does not matter, the variety of strikes actually does.

    When you full this follow with a trainer, you’re in luck. Your trainer will depend the 108 solar salutations for you.

    When you’re doing this exercise solo, you will have to discover a option to maintain observe with out interrupting your focus. You’ll be able to attempt:

    1. Write the numbers 5 by way of 105 by 5 (plus three to get to 108, in fact) on a sheet of paper. Every time you full a set of 5, verify it off.
    2. Swanson suggests repeating “the quantity you are on in your head with every breath.” It retains your thoughts from wandering.
    3. Place two bowls on the prime of your mat. Put 27 beads or seeds in a bowl. The opposite will stay empty. Every time you full a spherical, switch a bead from the total bowl to the empty bowl. Repeat 4 instances.

    6. Take breaks and breaks

    Drink loads of water, relaxation if you want it, and take into account taking an “intermission” midway by way of or after every set of 27.

    “You will know it is time to relaxation in case your breath is brief or irregular (otherwise you’re holding your breath),” says Swanson. “Additionally, cease if you happen to really feel any ache.”

    In case your thoughts is beginning to wander, it may additionally be time to take a break. Keep in mind: sluggish and regular!

    7. Schedule time to relaxation

    savasana pose |  108 sun salutations

    Savasana will really feel even higher after an extra-long follow like 108 Solar Salutations.

    Do not skimp in your ultimate relaxation – give your self at the least quarter-hour to get better and really feel the advantages of your follow, earlier than persevering with together with your day.

    If time permits, spend a couple of minutes recording your expertise in a journal.

    Why Do 108 Solar Salutations?

    Why do 108 Solar Salutations as an alternative of, say, 100 or 107?

    Swanson explains that “108 is a sacred quantity in Indian tradition, Hinduism, and yoga.” This is the reason you may even see this auspicious determine embedded within the costs or names of yoga studios.

    There are various methods wherein 108 seems in yoga tradition; for instance, you may like mala bead necklaces. However do you know that your favourite trend accent is a good meditation software?

    “Historically, there are 108 beads on a mala which can be used to depend mantras throughout meditation,” says Swanson. “Solar salutations are carried out 108 instances for good luck on particular events.” Counting the beads on a mala necklace can be an effective way to maintain observe of your 108 Solar Salutations.

    (Be taught extra about mantras and different yoga terms.)

    Advantages of 108 Solar Salutations

    yoga lunge posture |  108 sun salutations

    Listed here are a few of the advantages of 108 Solar Salutations for the thoughts, physique, and spirit.

    1. Construct Outer Power

    Solar salutations are full-body actions.

    “Whenever you do Solar Salutations, you progress and lubricate the entire main joints, strengthen and stretch the most important muscle teams in your physique, get your blood and lymph flowing, and construct your cardiovascular resilience,” says Swanson.

    2. Domesticate your interior energy

    Repetitive actions floor your thoughts within the current second,” says Swanson. “You take note of motion and your respiration, which makes it more durable on your thoughts to wander. To research reveals that the extra your thoughts wanders, the much less blissful you’re.

    Since yoga trains you to remain current and targeted, “coaching your mind by redirecting it to the current second can result in a larger sense of interior peace,” she says.

    (You should have 108 possibilities of interior peace!)

    3. Have fun or honor a special day

    Some yogis mark the change of seasons with the follow of 108 solar salutations (consider it as a seasonal psychological and bodily cleaning).

    I participated in 108 Solar Salutations as a part of a New 12 months’s Eve celebration, to boost cash for good causes, and to have a good time the opening of a brand new yoga studio.

    You’ll be able to select to do 108 Solar Salutations to honor your birthday, to suggest a brand new starting, or to say you’ve got completed it.

    Some yogis take into account 108 Solar Salutations to be just like the yoga marathon, one thing they need to construct their interior and outer energy to attain.

    yoga pose |  108 sun salutations

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