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Yesterday I went for a 75 minute relax on my recumbent bike, via the countryside north of Morgan Hill, then to some native neighborhoods. I’m nonetheless restricted by sciatica. It feels good to trip however it may well explode later if I overdo it. I used to be fortunate sufficient to get an appointment with my physician on December 29 about it. I hope she will be able to get the ball rolling on diagnostics and get referred to PT. Within the meantime, I alternate hot and cold compresses and doing all of the stretches I do know. And I attempt to loosen my piriformis muscle via reciprocal inhibition: the piriformis muscle abducts and rotates the hip outward, so contraction of the muscle groups that adduct it and rotate it inward ought to chill out it. I discovered plenty of helpful data and workout routines within the e book Piriformis syndrome: analysis, therapy and yoga: ache within the buttocks by Dr. Loren Fishman, a specialist on this syndrome.

Reciprocal inhibition workout routines of the piriformis muscle utilizing resistance bands. Hip adduction (left) and inner rotation (proper).
The hills are lovely and inexperienced now up shut
Just a little blurrier within the distance. The morning fog hadn’t fairly gone away
Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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