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    Slight gum recession could make this popsicle season a nightmare 🙀 Right here’s why: Enamel (which covers the a part of the tooth you see) is the toughest 💪🏼substance in our physique, BUT the foundation is roofed by cementum, which is 9 occasions weaker! When gum tissue recedes again barely, the cementum is uncovered and is now inclined to abrasion, erosion from acidic meals and mechanical trauma from brushing!

    All of this results in tremendous delicate enamel!

    Right here’s what you are able to do 👇🏼

    • Gum grafting methods to convey the gums again all the way down to the place they’re imagined to be.
    • Cowl the uncovered areas or notches with composite resin to guard in opposition to main sensitivity
    • Apply desensitizers and brush with sensodyne toothpaste 🙌🏼
    • orrrrrrr keep distant from popsicles


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