Wholesome Coronary heart is Wholesome Mind – Tufts – BionicOldGuy

An article in October 2022 Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter describes how the identical steps we are able to take to be coronary heart wholesome additionally assist preserve our brains wholesome. This features a nice interview with Dr. Mitchell Elkind, co-author of the mind well being chapter within the American Coronary heart Affiliation’s 2022 Annual Report on Coronary heart Illness and Stroke Statistics. The hyperlink between coronary heart and mind well being isn’t a surprise, as components that may have an effect on coronary artery well being additionally have an effect on vascular provide to the mind.

A very good start line for coronary heart and mind well being is to apply the American Coronary heart Affiliation’s “8 Necessities of Life” (outlined intimately in the identical problem of the e-newsletter:

  1. Following a nutritious diet (Harvard’s “healthy plate” is an efficient instance)
  2. Sufficient bodily exercise
  3. Keep away from smoking or another tobacco use
  4. get sufficient sleep
  5. keep a wholesome weight
  6. preserve blood ldl cholesterol (ldl and hdl) inside a wholesome vary
  7. conserving blood sugar inside a wholesome vary
  8. keep regular blood stress

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