Henson on Aging: Skincare Tips, Spa Days and More

When I sit down with the actor, filmmaker and mental health advocate Taraji P. Henson, I am ready to talk about changes. After all, this series aims to highlight how beauty icons have evolved over the years and what they’ve learned along the way. And we’re definitely talking about the changing beauty landscape, the skin and hair care tips she’s learned, and the memories that stand out (like her affinity for blue eyeshadow).

But for Henson, beauty surrounds not only what matures but also what remains constant in his life, namely his 40-year friendship with Tracie Jade Jenkinswho is executive director of The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

“I think we got married in a past life,” Henson jokes during a fireside chat at the recent Women’s Mental Health and Empowerment Summit hosted by Kate Spade New York. As the two creatives share how they met – and remained “soulmates” – over the years, they illustrate how true friendship can uplift you. (And on a beauty-related note, social connections can even facilitates faster healing of wounds.)

“All humans want to be seen,” Henson told me after the summit. “We want to be seen, we want to be heard and we want to be loved.” And when you have someone who truly walks with you through all the natural changes that life brings? Well, it’s a beautiful thing.

So if you follow one piece of advice from Henson (in addition to her tips for healthy aging below), it’s to call a friend today. On the contrary, your skin will glow thanks to it.

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