Improving Ergonomic Reach, Visibility and Workflow for Better Storage


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According to the latest statistics from CareerExplorer, 96% of the nation’s dental hygienists are female, and according to the American Dental Association, 51.6% of dental school graduates in 2021 were female. Although so many dental clinicians today are female, most of the cabinetry and storage they interact with was not designed for them.

It’s Hard to Access What You Can’t Reach

MedicalNewsToday’s data shows the average female height in the U.S. is 5’4″. Standard dental office cabinets are often too tall or too deep for a 5-foot-4-inch person to easily see and access available storage, contributing to stress and strain injuries. Wall-hung cabinets with a shorter upper height and narrower depth can improve access to storage with less reach and lean required.

With Midmark Synthesis Wall-Hung Cabinetry Cabinetry, doctors can choose from multiple wall-hung configurations designed to improve reach and increase ergonomic storage while decreasing non-ergonomic storage all in the same amount of space.

It’s Hard to Retrieve What You Can’t See

Supplies stored toward the rear of traditional shelving can be obstructed by adjacent shelves. Midmark wall-hung cabinets use gravity-fed, angled flow-shelving to improve visibility and accessibility to supplies, even for items stored at the back of the cabinet.

It’s Hard to Use What You Can’t Find

While angled flow-shelves improve access to supplies, bins and dividers provide the next level of organization for a better, more efficient workflow.

Let Patterson Help

Midmark Synthesis Cabinetry wall-hung configurations, angled flow-shelving and bins and dividers can improve reach and visibility, reducing the risk of stress and strain injuries while helping improve storage efficiency and workflow. Let us help you design a space that adapts to your team, not a space your team has to adapt to.

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