KATANA Zirconia ONE: Beauty Meets Efficiency

Optimized for use with Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Primemill, KATANA Zirconia ONE is a super-translucent, multi-layered material for fast and efficient chairside milling.

While the world of CAD/CAM offers no shortage of equipment and restorative materials from which to choose, Kuraray has been a leader in the space for decades thanks to its tried-and-true KATANA zirconia. Now, KATANA is deepening its relationship with another established leader in the CAD/CAM space, the CEREC system from Dentsply Sirona.
A unique collaboration between Kuraray’s superior materials technology and Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Primemill and SpeedFire oven makes it possible to mill in under 5 minutes and sinter a full zirconia restoration in just 18 minutes. How?
KATANA Zirconia ONE.

Super Fast Milling with One Block

A multilayered zirconia block that consists of 4 layers of zirconia in graduated shades, KATANA Zirconia ONE allows for the chairside fabrication of natural tooth-colored restorations without the need for additional sintering time. The restoration can be easily positioned within the layers by using the CEREC Move Tool.
With a flexural strength of 933 MPa, KATANA Zirconia ONE offers improved strength and esthetics, as well as smooth margins for an excellent marginal fit. It is available in just 2 sizes—13Z and Bridge Block—which helps streamline inventory management.

Strength, Beauty & Workflow Efficiency

“One of the greatest advantages of this material over KATANA STML is that it’s higher strength and it’s been optimized for use with the CEREC Primemill,” said Dr. Daniel Butterman. “That increased strength really plays into the fact that our design proposals are going to be a lot easier to work with.”
After the milling is complete, technicians and doctors can choose their preferred finishing technique: 1) Pre-sinter polish, 2) Post-sinter polish, or 3) Glaze with Kuraray’s CERABIEN ZR FC Paste Stain, which is an ideal option for technicians and dentists who want to further characterize sintered zirconia. For example, the Fluoro shade allows them to achieve a natural fluorescence to the restoration.

Companion Products for a Complete Workflow

A block alone does not make a restoration. Aside from a scanner, design software, and milling unit, several materials are needed to complete the job. Luckily, Kuraray has you covered.

During try-in, restorations can become contaminated with proteins that reduce the bond strength. That’s where KATANA Cleaner comes in—a universal cleaner with unique MDP salt technology that can be used to clean zirconia after intraoral try-in. It has a mild pH of 4.5, which means it also can be used intraorally to clean preps.
When it’s time for cementation, self-adhesive PANAVIA SA Cement Universal contains MDP in the paste and can be used to cement zirconia crowns without the need for a separate primer or silane, as the special long chain silane coupling agent in the paste eliminates the need for a separate silane bottle.
The newest member of Kuraray’s PANAVIA family, PANAVIA Veneer LC, is a light-cure formulation for cementation of ceramic veneers, inlays, and onlays that offers excellent color stability, high wear resistance, provides ample working time, and offers fast and easy cleanup.

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