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Questioning whether or not your #LaCroix dependancy is hurting your pearly whites? Let’s focus on:

Relating to a refreshing drink I’m all a few good bubbly seltzer-throw a touch of citrus 🍋 in there and it’s true perfection. BUT, what are the results?

Relating to every day drinks we should be cognizant of their acid degree and the length of contact with our tooth. Intention for 6-8 on the pH scale which might be your common water, as you add carbonation the acidity rises and also you begin to creep nearer to 5-5.5 on the pH scale.

Now right here’s the rub. Add citrus to the combo and also you’re down nearer to three which is a really acidic bevy! Take my recommendation and eat a scrumptious La Croix with a meal or all of sudden, however please don’t slowly eat these drinks all day or change your regular ingesting water with them. Your tooth can pay the worth!


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