Office Managers: The Rockstars of the Dental Practice


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Everyone knows dental office managers are rockstars, but reading the entries to our 2023 spa-day giveaway really drives the point home! Even more than last year, we are blown away by all the ways they keep their practices rocking, rolling and more fun than a live concert.

Again in 2023, it’s clear things run smoothly at your practices because of the rockstars running the show. Smooth operations were the most frequent shout-out for the second year in a row. Hard work, extensive skills, and passion for the profession, practice and patients all add to the harmony of a well-managed office according to our contest entries.

Based on some of the things practices wrote in about their office managers, “rockstar” might be too small a compliment. These amazing people have tremendous patience, nearly permanent positive attitudes, vast knowledge, “relentless work ethic,” and an endless supply of compassion for their coworkers and patients. 

And who doesn’t love to work with someone who loves what they do? We asked office managers to tell us what they love most about their jobs, and the number one response says it all: “Everything!” This experienced, professional, and compassionate group thrives on sharing what they know, maintaining a positive work culture and making sure patients feel like VIPs.

They even love the hard things: “The day to day is fun, but I love to put out the unexpected fires. I believe that’s when I do my best.” Solving conflict, calming patient fears and getting to the bottom of a sticky insurance claim or sensitive collection issue make an office manager’s heart sing.

Many entrants simply said “My coworkers” or “My team!” and far and away, the most frequently all-capped reply was “THE PATIENTS!” Office managers are people people, and it shows. Seeing patients light up when they see a beautifully done restoration or seeing the pain leave their faces after a successful treatment really brings joy to this group of kindhearted professionals.

Truthfully, we could go on and on. And on! The enthusiasm office managers have for the profession – and the love their practices have for them – is a subject we’ll never get tired of reading about or sharing.

Every one of these everyday heroes deserves a spa day. We knew it would be impossible to actually “choose” a winner of our giveaway, which is why our winner was randomly chosen – see the lucky winner HERE.


Dental office managers, you truly do rock. Thank you for being so inspiring.

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