Prevora as a Profitable Remedy for Oral Dysbiosis in Excessive-risk, Advanced-needs Adults: A Collection of 4 Sufferers and a Evaluation of the Literature


Oral dysbiosis is an imbalance of micro organism within the dental plaque whereby pathogenic micro organism dominate the biofilm and, in flip, provoke destruction of the arduous and delicate tissues within the mouth. Caries and periodontal ailments consequence from oral dysbiosis. A brand new remedy choice for oral dysbiosis known as Prevora (10% chlorhexidine) is now obtainable for high-risk, complex-needs adults – these sufferers who’re older and with persistent medical situations limiting each self-care and tolerability to surgical dental care. We report on 4 instances of older adults for which Prevora is the one practical choice for treating oral dysbiosis, and we assessment the literature on Prevora in managing frequent oral ailments.

Key phrases: oral dysbiosis, caries, periodontal illness, poor oral well being, Prevora


Oral dysbiosis (OD) is a biofilm situation whereby there are too many dangerous micro organism within the dental plaque. Signs of OD are new or recurrent dental decay and/or new or persistent irritation of the gums. Standard remedies for OD reminiscent of higher private oral hygiene, topical administration of fluoride and periodontal debridement can have restricted antimicrobial impact, significantly in high-risk, complex-needs adults as described beneath. A brand new high-strength, long-lasting, broad-spectrum antiseptic remedy, known as Prevora, has lately been launched to handle OD. Prevora is topically utilized to the total dentition as much as the gingival margin (Determine 2). Right here we describe 4 instances of oral dysbiosis handled with Prevora with persuasive outcomes. We additionally assessment the medical research of Prevora in treating each caries and periodontal illness.

Fig. 1

Topical software of Prevora

Fig. 2

Periodontal assessment pre-Prevora Extensive inflammation throughout the mouth (97 sites of bleeding on probing or 67% of all sites)

Periodontal evaluation pre-Prevora
Intensive irritation all through the
mouth (97 websites of bleeding on probing or 67% of all websites)


In all instances, we obtained the affected person’s or caregiver’s consent to publish all photographic materials.

Case 1 – Alzheimer’s affected person

A 95-year-old ambulatory feminine with Alzheimer’s illness introduced with a gross accumulation of plaque on the root surfaces, and restricted consideration span and tolerability to prognosis and remedy. This affected person had obtained Prevora earlier than the pandemic however none for two years. Upon elimination of the plaque, the affected person had no caries however had 97 websites of bleeding on probing (BOP), constituting 67% of web sites in her mouth (Determine 2). One Prevora remedy was administered shortly (5 to 7 minutes) with good tolerance by the affected person. The caregiver was requested to return for a second Prevora remedy in a month; this can be a longer interval between remedies than the conventional Prevora protocol, nevertheless, it thought-about the caregiver’s efforts to move this affected person.

After one month, the affected person returned with considerably much less irritation; furthermore, the plaque was extra readily eliminated. BOP was 2 or 1% of whole websites and the periodontal tissues had been pink and wholesome (Determine 3). There have been no indicators of decay. The caregiver was requested to convey the affected person again in 3 months.

Fig. 3A

 Periodontal assessment after 30 days and 1 treatment of Prevora

Periodontal evaluation after 30 days and 1 remedy of Prevora

Fig. 3B

Bleeding on probing at 2 sites or 1% of all sites. Healthy looking gums with no decay.

Bleeding on probing at 2 websites or 1% of all websites. Wholesome trying gums with no decay.

Case 2 – Unresponsive periodontal illness

A 68-year-old feminine with persistent intra-oral bleeding and reasonable periodontal illness was suggested concerning the choice of Prevora. The affected person introduced with 27 websites of BOP, 6 websites with pocket depth between 4 and 5 millimetres, and 1 web site greater than 5 millimetres pocket depth. The affected person obtained an preliminary Prevora remedy and returned for the second remedy in two weeks. The affected person had no websites of BOP and no pockets better than 4 millimetres. The affected person will proceed the usual Prevora protocol of 4 remedies within the first 8 weeks, adopted by semi-annual functions with a re-assessment at one 12 months.

Case 3– A brand new affected person with Parkinson’s illness

A 60-year-old male with early-stage Parkinson’s illness since 2018 and with a dry mouth, introduced with a latest historical past of root caries and a powerful want to keep away from additional dental restoration. The affected person had heard about Prevora and requested extra details about this new preventive process. At baseline, the affected person had 26 websites of reasonable bleeding on probing, 16 websites at 4 millimetres pocket depth, 4 websites at 5 millimetres and 1 web site at 6 millimetres. He had generalized reasonable to heavy biofilm, used a guide toothbrush and flossed frequently (Determine 4). After 2 functions of Prevora, BOP was decreased from 26 to 4 websites and irritation was minimal to non-existent. Two of the bleeding websites had been related to ill-fitting restorative margins. Bleeding on the gingival margins now not existed and the delicate roots at anterior crowns and posterior facial roots had turned arduous (Determine 4). The affected person is extraordinarily blissful together with his remedy consequence. Going ahead, we’ve got scheduled the remaining two functions within the first 8 weeks of the remedy plan, and a fifth software at his four-month hygiene go to. A sixth software can also be scheduled for his annual go to.

Fig. 4A

Before and after two Prevora treatments

Earlier than and after two Prevora remedies. Pre-Prevora baseline

Fig. 4B

After 2 Prevora applications (4 weeks from baseline)

After 2 Prevora functions (4 weeks from baseline)

Case 4 – Palliative care of a bedridden stroke sufferer with no private oral hygiene care

This feminine affected person is 79 years of age residing in an condominium along with her husband. She has been bedridden due to a stroke in 2017. The affected person introduced with heavy plaque and meals particles, extreme xerostomia, rampant decay and damaged tooth. Her caregiver, though nicely that means, refuses to brush the affected person’s tooth as a result of he believes there will likely be an excessive amount of bleeding given the affected person is on blood thinners. The affected person’s Energy of Lawyer (her son) is coordinating her dental care from Montreal. The affected person within reason cooperative however tolerance to dental care is restricted to quick appointments. Two Prevora functions have been utilized, one month aside together with software of silver diamine fluoride to carious lesions and one restoration with glass ionomer.

One month after the primary Prevora software, the affected person had markedly decreased oral irritation together with a discount in plaque (Determine 5). Earlier than the second software, the affected person obtained mild debridement with a toothbrush. One tooth had a big cavity with reasonable mobility and can seemingly require extraction in a hospital setting. A second software of Prevora was administered.

Fig. 5A

Before and after one Prevora treatment in palliative care

Earlier than and after one Prevora remedy in palliative care. Pre-Prevora.

Fig. 5B

1 month after 1 Prevora treatment + SDF + GIC

1 month after 1 Prevora remedy + SDF + GIC

Nevertheless, the household needs to proceed with non-invasive homecare with Prevora for now as they’re involved concerning the stress of the choice care on the affected person.


Oral dysbiosis, the first reason for poor oral well being, emerges with age, with persistent issues reminiscent of Sort 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, sarcopenia, a number of remedy use (xerostomia), temper issues and numerous types of arthritis, which restrict private oral hygiene. It additionally outcomes from a change in weight loss plan and immunity, in addition to stress.

As an an infection, OD is basically unaffected by restorative dental care and by customary preventive procedures utilizing fluoride or mechanical debridement. In lots of instances, these procedures can’t be tolerated so a brand new, much less invasive method is required.

Oral dysbiosis is a critical medical occasion. It contributes to a number of medical issues:

  • Sort 2 diabetes: Lowered oral irritation reduces HbA1Cs by 10%.1 Decrease oral irritation additionally considerably reduces the danger of problems from diabetes reminiscent of neuropathy, retinopathy and an early demise.2
  • Hypertension: Oral irritation is as vital to hypertension as age, gender, BMI, earnings and diabetes.3 OD doubles the danger of hypertension in in any other case wholesome adults.4
  • Heart problems and stroke: Oral irritation will increase the chances of stroke by 4x.5 Lowered oral irritation is considerably correlated with improved bodily functioning throughout stroke rehabilitation6 and with decreased atherosclerosis.7
  • Melancholy: Continual oral irritation doubles the danger of temper issues.8
  • Cognitive decline: Continual oral irritation considerably will increase the prospect and tempo of progressing from Gentle Cognitive Impairment to dementia.9
  • Sarcopenia (frailty): Poor oral well being greater than doubles the chances of turning into frail within the subsequent 12 months.10
  • Irritation: Oral irritation will increase one measure of systemic irritation (C-reactive protein) by 20%.11
  • Respiratory illness: Decrease oral irritation considerably reduces hostile respiratory occasions, hospitalization, frequency of exacerbations and deaths in adults with COPD.12,13

Prevora has been proven to be secure and efficient in managing OD in randomized, managed medical trials of group dwelling adults, in observational research, potential research and over 10 years of Actual-World-Expertise (RWE) in Canadian hygiene and dental clinics. In two grownup research accepted by regulatory authorities and involving over 1,100 medium to high-risk adults over one 12 months’s remedy and remark, in comparison with placebo, Prevora decreased root caries by 41% (p<0.05) in weak older adults with out saliva,14 and decreased coronal caries by 70% (p<0.05) for very excessive threat adults affected by the social determinants of well being (e.g. low earnings, no dental insurance coverage, no common dentist, 3 or extra lesions in the beginning of the remedy plan).15 By way of persistent oral irritation, two research involving excessive threat adults with unresponsive periodontitis, present Prevora to be secure and efficient.16,17

The 4 case research illustrate helpful remedy of OD at a stage not seen in different remedies and in sufferers who would in any other case have issue receiving or tolerating different procedures. Within the case of the Alzheimer’s affected person, the palliative affected person and maybe the Parkinson’s affected person, common invasive dental care is now not a remedy choice neither is it inexpensive or tolerable given the extent of oral morbidity and continued medical threat. In response to the medical examine information and the expertise with Prevora by the primary writer over 8 years, this remedy impact is predicted to proceed over the long run. Periodic re-applications of Prevora ought to be scheduled utilizing BOP ranges and rising caries as guides. The Prevora protocol stipulates a “booster” of Prevora each six months however medical judgement on the remedy plan is required, significantly in sufferers at elevated threat of poor oral well being.

For years, hygienists have seen a rising want for more practical preventive procedures for our seniors, these with complicated wants, in long-term care and with those that can’t tolerate invasive care of their mouths. Prevora meets the wants of those sufferers. It’s validated for stopping caries by randomized, managed research and has proven to have a big profit for unresponsive periodontitis. Maybe most significantly, Prevora advantages adults with out every other choice for care.


J. Di Nardo is a medical adviser to CHX Applied sciences which has developed Prevora. I. DeHaan and J. Stang don’t have any battle of curiosity.


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