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Coronal polishing is intended to produce a smooth surface on the tooth,

whereby the dental plaque, extrinsic stain, and calculus adherence on the tooth surface is reduced.  Despite calls for a selective approach to coronal polishing, it is a routine part of adult and pediatric prophylaxis procedures.  A disposable prophy angle (DPA) together with prophy paste is most commonly used to complete the coronal polishing procedure and when done correctly using an optimal handpiece speed of 1500-3000rpm and light to moderate pressure with continuous cup movement it can be very effective.  According to a 2015 Clinicians Report survey, 84% of respondents used a soft, non-latex, 90-degree disposable angle.  When asked what features were most important in a DPA, the most common responses were: ability to clean/stain removal, flexibility of cup, gentle to gingiva, and sub-gingival access.

Disposable prophy angle technology has seen several improvements over the years, producing DPAs that are more ergonomic, with smaller and more compact prophy cups, and designs to help minimize splatter. Selecting the right DPA for a particular practice often is a matter of personal choice, however factors such as the cup’s ability to flare and flex around the dentition, the cup’s ability to hold paste and reduce splatter, the size and profile of the DPA that allowing access and visualization, and the cup’s interior and exterior design can help influence the user experience and polishing effectiveness. Premier Dental is excited to launch the ProFlare™ Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle to address all these factors.

Flex and flare around the dentition – the new innovative ProFlare™ articulating cup has a unique pivot and flare design to provide maximum surface adaptation of each tooth surface. This helps the latex-free cup contour to the tooth to help deliver excellent stain removal.

Ability to hold paste and reduce splatter – the internal geometry of ProFlare’s™ soft cup features internal microgrooves and ribbing designed for easy loading and retention of the prophy paste while still providing optimal flexibility and flaring.

Improved access and visualization – ProFlare™ features a compact design with a low-profile neck and cup.  Coupled with jam-free gearing to deliver smooth acceleration and no chatter, it is easy to visualize and reach all areas of the mouth to deliver a better polish.

ProFlare’s interior and exterior design – the patent-pending ProFlare™ cup design features a thin lip at the edge of the cup for subgingival access and outer ridges for improved interproximal stain removal.  As a result of the pivot and flare design, less wrist motion is required to move the cup across the tooth surface and into areas between teeth improving ergonomics.

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