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As a research team, we have made it our mission to understand the university industry inside and out.

Over the years, we have come to realize that students frequently order essays for their courses. These missions may seem inexpensive but can often lead to complex challenges. For many students, delegating these tasks is more convenient than wasting days searching for information and trying to interpret it.

So what are the trending topics? The team, led by our passionate leader Will Martins, recently conducted a three-month study of Controversial Topics for Essays. Our results shed new light on the topics that attract students the most.

Data collection methodology

When it came to collecting the data, our approach was both comprehensive and meticulous. Will Martins supported research with 3,000 college and university students. We have carefully compiled a list of subjects, including but not limited to History, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Philosophy, English, Economics, etc.

Our main goal was to discover the most popular essay topics, especially those centered around debatable essay topics. By combing through a wide range of disciplines, we have managed to bring together an insightful view of what truly captures the interest of today’s students.

The five most requested essay topics

Pollution (25% of orders)

Pollution is at the top of the list of essay topics. This multi-faceted topic encompasses air pollution, water contamination, land degradation and noise pollution. It is a problem that resonates globally, and students frequently explore its causes, effects, and solutions in their papers.

Physical (20% of orders)

Next on the list is physics, a subject that delves into the fundamental principles governing the universe. Topics such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and relativity are popular areas of interest, reflecting students’ desire to explore the complex workings of our physical world.

Biology (18% of orders)

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Biology, the study of life and living organisms, ranks third. From human genetics to ecology and evolution, this discipline allows students to examine the complexity of life at different levels, from cells to entire ecosystems.

Sanity (15% of orders)

Mental health is an area of ​​growing interest and ranks fourth on our list. Essays on this topic often explore disorders, therapies, wellness strategies, and societal perceptions, providing comprehensive insight into a topic vital to individual and community well-being.

Global policy (12% of orders)

Global Politics completes the top five. At a time when international relations are increasingly interconnected, students delve into issues such as diplomacy, conflict resolution, human rights and governance. The importance of this topic cannot be underestimated as it shapes the policies and practices that influence life around the world. Also, tech essay topics were less popular, according to our research results.

Fashionable History Essay Topics

History has always been a rich ground for exploration and learning. It offers various topics that can be turned into compelling topics for narrative essays. Here is a list of five equally captivating topics:

  1. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  2. The impact of World War II on world politics.
  3. Women’s suffrage movement in the 19th century.
  4. The Cultural Revolution in China
  5. The effect of the Great Depression on American society.
    These topics have historical significance and provide students with the opportunity to create compelling stories that connect the past to our current understanding of the world.
    Trending Psychology Essay Topics
    The multifaceted nature of psychology offers a wealth of fascinating topics to explore. From the inner workings of the mind to the complex interplay between behavior and environment, these dissertation topics are at the forefront of academic interest. Here are five popular topics:
  6. The influence of social media on mental health.
  7. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and its effectiveness.
  8. The psychology of addiction.
  9. Emotional intelligence in education.
  10. The impact of video games on cognitive development.
    With a blend of education, science, and abstract, these subjects tap into contemporary challenges and interests in psychology. They provide a perspective for understanding human behavior and thought processes in the context of our technologically advanced society.

Trending Sociology Essay Topics

At WritingPaperSucks, we understand the complexities of human society and the evolving trends that shape our collective behavior. Sociology offers an engaging space for academic research. Here are five interesting topics we identified on

  1. The impact of social media on interpersonal relationships.
  2. Gender roles and inequalities in modern society.
  3. Urbanization and its effects on community structures.
  4. The role of education in social mobility.
  5. The influence of pop culture on the identity of young people.
    These topics allow students to immerse themselves in the social fabric and explore how we connect, collaborate and compete. The findings and insights we provide on contribute to a deeper understanding of the human condition in our contemporary world.
    Fashionable Philosophy Essay Topics
    Philosophy challenges students to ponder deep questions and seek answers that go beyond the surface. At, we explored this intellectual quest and identified five intriguing topics. Through the Writingpapersucks website, you can explore:
  6. The ethical implications of artificial intelligence.
  7. Existentialism in the modern world.
  8. The philosophy of mind and consciousness.
  9. The moral limits of scientific exploration.
  10. The intersection of religion and secularism in contemporary society.
    These themes allow students to think deeply about the values, principles and ideas that shape our existence. The Writingpapersucks website provides not just a list, but an invitation to engage with philosophy in a way that is personal, thought-provoking, and resonates with the issues of our time.
    Trending English Writing Topics
    Essays in English are an integral part of university life, fostering communication, analytical and creative skills. They reflect the dynamic interplay of English, life experiences and the nuances of everyday human interactions. Here is a list of five dynamic English essay topics that resonate in today’s school curriculum:
  11. The influence of literature on contemporary culture.
  12. Analyze a significant event in your life through a literary lens.
  13. The role of poetry in the expression of emotions and ideas.
  14. A critical review of a classic English novel.
  15. The impact of social media on language and communication.
    These subjects allow students to explore the beauty and complexity of English language and literature. Whether it’s an analytical essay or a creative writing class assignment, these topics engage students through language, literature, and the essence of human expression.

Possible factors influencing topic choices

The popularity of certain essay topics cannot be viewed in isolation. Various external elements shape student preferences. Current events often spark interest in specific areas. For example, global concern about climate change might spark a desire to explore water conservation and ways to preserve the environment. Societal trends also play a role; growing awareness of mental health, gender issues and social justice is fueling related scholarly explorations.

Implications and prospects

You now have a list of relevant essay topics! The statistics from our study do more than just describe popular essay topics; they uncover a rich chapter of understanding regarding student preferences, needs and aspirations. Recognizing the importance of topics such as pollution, mental health, or even complex areas like math illustrates a willingness to tackle critical global issues and intellectual challenges. For academic aid platforms, understanding these trends means being able to tailor services, support, and resources that match student needs.

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