Benefits Of Whiter Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond

teeth whitening treatments are popular with the young, but older generations can benefit from them too

Older couple with white teeth

Most beauty products and treatments are advertised largely to younger people. This is understandable as there is more pressure on us when we are young to look our best.

Many people of this age will be looking to date and in order to attract a partner, will spend a significant amount of time and money on looking their very best. It could also be argued that younger people are more susceptible to trends and social media ‘influencers’. If this is the case, then it is not surprising that this generation is queuing up to have their teeth whitened.

All of this is very understandable but at the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we also believe that this popular cosmetic dentistry treatment offers a number of significant benefits for more mature people too. Let’s take a look….

Life begins at forty

There is little doubt that being forty these days is very different to what it was half a century ago. Then, the chances are that you would have been in ‘pipe and slippers’ territory. These days though, people of forty and much older are far more active and involved in various interests, whether that be travelling or some form of sport. In most cases, these activities will also involve an element of socialising with others.

Although some people who marry young do stay married for life, the fact is that many don’t. This means that there are a large number of people in their middle age who might be looking for their second (or third) life partner. Just because you are older doesn’t mean that you should neglect your appearance. Getting a new wardrobe and hairstyle is relatively straightforward, but those yellow teeth simply won’t get any whiter by regular brushing. This is where our one hour teeth whitening procedure comes into its own.

This treatment is very affordable and, whilst not permanent, it is long lasting and can be repeated regularly with no ill effects to your teeth. This means that you can either have a one off treatment if, for example, you had an important function to attend or just wanted to look your best on holiday. Alternatively, you could decide that you were not going to put up with your discoloured teeth any more and have this done on an ongoing basis to maintain nice looking white teeth.

The treatment

A teeth whitening treatment is relatively straightforward and is non-invasive and doesn’t usually require any form of local anaesthetic. Our cosmetic dentist will first of all protect your lips and gums so that the bleaching gel doesn’t come into contact with them as this could cause burning. The gel is then applied to your teeth and the process activated using a special light. The whitening process continues for just one hour and lightens not only the surface enamel of your teeth but the interior of it too. It is often this which is the cause of discolouration as it naturally darkens as we grow older however well we clean our teeth.

Finally, the gel will be removed and you will be left with teeth that are several shades whiter than they were before.  Our Ipswich dentists can adjust the level of whiteness according to your wishes and we are aware that some patients might prefer to have a more subtle improvement than others.

Late middle age and beyond

What if you have already passed the age when you are socialising as much and are heading towards the ‘pottering in the garden’ stage of life? Is there any point in having your teeth whitened then?  The answer to this will depend on the individual but we feel that there are certainly quite a few patients of this age who would benefit, even in their later years. Even at 70 and beyond, many people are still active. They might not be out every night like they used to be, but few will voluntarily cut themselves off from others. The off road biking may now have turned into a more gentle countryside stroll, but this will often be with others, so why not maintain an attractive smile? Studies have shown that people respond more positively to a more attractive smile, so at any reasonable age, there are certainly benefits to having this done.

There is also the matter of self confidence. This can be improved at any stage of life and being happy with the appearance of your smile means that you are probably more likely to do so willingly.

Looking good doesn’t have to be the privilege of the young. With our popular teeth whitening procedure, we can help you have a great looking smile right through the years!

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