why dental pain should not be ignored

Whether discomfort is minor or significant, dental pain should not be ignored

Stressed patient

If there is one type of pain which is next to impossible to ignore it is a toothache. Even a relatively minor pain in the tooth is likely to distract us from our everyday life, perhaps due to its proximity to all of our major senses. Even if you are a hardy type that can tolerate a higher degree of pain; where toothache is concerned, you still shouldn’t ignore it.

It is almost inevitable that if you have dental pain, there is a problem that needs treating, and promptly.

Failing to do so will almost certainly lead to the problem becoming much worse, not only most likely leading to a greater degree of pain, but also damaging the tooth further. If allowed to worsen it could potentially lead to the need for an extraction. At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we believe in preventative dentistry and even where a problem has only just started, we advise that it should be treated as soon as possible to minimise any harm caused.

What to do

As soon as you notice a painful tooth, it is time to take action and this applies whatever the degree of pain. So what should you do when you first notice this?

Contact your dentist

This is the most important thing that you can do and you should do so straightaway. Ask for an emergency appointment and explain your symptoms to the receptionist. We will do all that we can to see you the same day if possible, but if not, then as soon as possible. We will always try to see those most in need first.

You should definitely not put off doing this, thinking things might get better. That is almost certainly not going to happen and you may find yourself, further down the road, in much more severe pain. Book an appointment today.

Take painkillers (where suitable) and follow advice

Now you have made an appointment, you can relax .. right? The fact is that if you have a painful tooth, relaxation might be quite difficult to do. Even a few hours can seem like a very long time when you are in pain, but there are a few things that you can do to make this time less stressful.

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