The simplest way to make the best of your vacation

Now is a good time for our Ipswich patients to plan ahead a little

White teeth

Christmas is nearly upon us yet again. While some of you will no doubt be in denial about this, others will be already starting to enthusiastically plan the Christmas meal and what presents they need to buy.

It won’t be long now before shops are full of festive goods and TV adverts will be promoting the latest ‘must have’ for kids (and adults too).

Amid what can be a hectic time of the year, dealing with the practicalities of Xmas, there will also be time for plenty of parties and family get-togethers; something that many of you will no doubt be looking forward to. Some of these will involve meeting old friends but also new friends too. It makes sense then to want to look your best for this time of the year. While clothes etc can be purchased closer to the time, other things are best planned in advance.

At the Foxhall Dental Clinic, this is a time of year when we generally receive an increase in enquiries about our cosmetic dentistry, and in particular those relating to improving the whiteness of the patient’s smile. In order to help you plan ahead a little, we explain below the various options that we have available to help you achieve your whiter brighter smile.

Scale and polish

Although this is not primarily a cosmetic treatment, it does benefit the appearance of your teeth. The aim of a scale and polish procedure, which is carried out by the hygienist, is designed to remove hardened tartar from around the teeth and the gum line. It is also very effective at removing some light surface staining as well, and, providing that this is not too significant, this might be a quick and effective treatment to give your smile a boost. Having experienced how it feels to have a fresh and healthy mouth again once you have received this treatment, we hope that you will continue to receive these every six months moving forwards, as we recommend.

Teeth whitening

This is the best known and most popular cosmetic treatment for whitening teeth and as such, we recommend that you book your appointment with us as soon as possible. The treatment itself only lasts for around one hour and you will leave our Ipswich dental clinic with a much improved smile. Although the effects will wear off eventually, they are long lasting so even if you had the procedure today, your teeth would still look good for the festive season. To achieve your best possible whiteness for your parties though, why not book now to have your procedure closer to the time? Don’t delay, this treatment is popular and appointments are likely to go fast.

Dental veneers

Although the teeth whitening procedure is the best well known, and most effective for the majority of people, it may not have the full desired effect for patients whose teeth are more heavily stained (e.g. smokers or ex smokers). Where this is the case, or where the teeth have suffered minor damage such as chips or cracks, we may recommend that porcelain dental veneers are a better option for you. Because the veneers that are fitted to your teeth have to be produced externally at a laboratory, you do need to plan ahead a little for this treatment. You may also need prior treatment if any issues, such as decay, are detected. There is no point in having white teeth if they are decaying.

As the whiteness provided by porcelain veneers is very long lasting, we advise our patients to book an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists as soon as possible. This should leave sufficient time for you to have the treatment in time for any festive social occasions that may arise.

More information is available about these treatments on our website and our dental team are also available  and happy to answer any questions that you might have about any treatment that we provide here.

You may also wish to consider any of the above as a festive present. The teeth whitening procedure especially, is a popular and affordable Christmas gift for someone close to you.

If you are thinking of preparing for Xmas, why not think about your smile too? We will be pleased to arrange an initial consultation with you at our Ipswich clinic and you can contact us by calling the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396.

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