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What induced the weight problems epidemic? What are the results?

HOUSTON — In terms of the childhood weight problems epidemic, the prevailing narrative is that obese children — and their mother and father — lack the collective willpower to drop the potato chips, seize a bounce rope and work out shedding pounds.

“…physicians specializing in weight problems and weight reduction say that sure scientific and societal components – together with genetics, the rise of processed meals that embrace soybean oil, and the nation’s overconsumption of sugary drinks – usually tend to be chargeable for childhood weight problems than lazy kids or indulgent mother and father.

“Weight problems is a dysfunction which, like venereal illness, is blamed on the affected person,” says weight problems researcher Dr. George Bray, keynote speaker on the first annual convention American Summit on Combating Childhood Obesityheld at Texas Youngsters’s Hospital.

It’s the challenge of blame that stands in the best way of progress in…

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