Why You’re Grinding Your Enamel & How To Cease

Do you usually really feel harassed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Are you affected by persistent complications and jaw aches? These are warning indicators that you’ll have an issue with bruxism.

For those who’re grinding their tooth, it’s vital to handle the difficulty as quickly as potential to assist alleviate these signs and to guard your oral well-being now and sooner or later. Maintain studying to study why you’re grinding your tooth and how you can work with us to resolve the difficulty.

What’s bruxism?

Grinding your tooth means you’re rubbing your higher and decrease teeth collectively as if you’re chewing one thing. It’s potential you may be grinding your tooth and never even realize it since you’re doing it subconsciously and even whilst you’re asleep.

Enamel grinding (bruxism) is often seen alongside jaw clenching. Each may end up in related and associated signs. Clenching your jaw muscle mass and grinding your tooth collectively is normally an unconscious response to emphasis and nervousness.

Results of Bruxism in your Oral well being

Over time, tooth grinding and jaw clenching can have a significant influence on your oral and general well being and well-being. It will possibly result in:

  • Harm to your tooth and jaw, together with chips and cracks
  • Weakened tooth enamel
  • Gum recession
  • Rigidity complications
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Sleep problems

Indicators you are likely to be grinding your tooth

Over time, grinding your tooth and/or clenching your jaw muscle mass will lead to noticeable signs. It’s a good suggestion to know what to look out for as a result the easiest way to keep away from extra severe points is to catch the issue early.

Listed here are a couple of indicators and signs of bruxism:

  • Sounds of grinding or clenching your tooth throughout sleep, which can be loud sufficient to get up your associate 
  • Ache, soreness, or tightness within the jaw, neck, and face muscle mass 
  • Enamel that seems worn or flat on the backside 
  • Tooth sensitivity or ache, particularly if it begins rising  
  • Fractured, chipped, or free tooth 
  • A boring headache or earache
  • Jaw tightness or a jaw that locks or received’t open and shut 

Why are you grinding your tooth?

Stress and nervousness are the main reason behind bruxism. Stress usually manifests bodily signs, inflicting your physique to tense up – together with your jaw muscle mass. 

Over the past two years particularly, many individuals have been feeling harassed and anxious. Surveys present a significant increase in the variety of People reporting signs of stress, nervousness, melancholy, and insomnia throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the identical time interval, bruxism has also become more common. We’ve seen:

  • A 71% enhancement in bruxism
  • A 63% enhancement in a chipped and cracked tooth
  • A 52% enhancement in situations of TMJ ache and soreness

That stated, stress isn’t the one contributing issue. Enamel grinding may also be the result of the next: misaligned tooth, your age, household historical past, and/or sure drugs.

The way to cease grinding your tooth

Efficient remedies for bruxism and jaw clenching exist. For those who suspect you will have an issue, schedule a go-to as quickly as potential and we’ll assist you to unravel it.

Step one is to diagnose the trigger. We’ll assist decide why you’re grinding your tooth in the first place – whether or not it’s stress-related or one thing else, like a misaligned bite. From there, we could advocate a number of therapy choices to right the consequences of bruxism and assist you to cease grinding your tooth. The commonest remedies embody:

  • Mouthguards
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Botox
  • Rest therapies, together with:
    • Bodily remedy
    • Respiration workouts
    • Recurrently practicing yoga or meditation
    • Jaw workouts and leisure methods 
    • Head, face, or neck therapeutic massage
    • Common train

    We can assist you to cease grinding your tooth

    For those who discover signs of bruxism or suspect it’s possible you’ll be grinding your tooth in your sleep, contact us as quickly as potential and make an appointment at both our Midtown Atlanta and Roswell locations.

    We’ll look at you to gauge the general well-being of your tooth and gums, offer you skilled steerage, and create an efficient therapy plan only for you.

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